Multi-room video chat helping groups socialize

Sosh simulates in-person group gatherings. Guests can create many video chat rooms and preview conversations in other rooms. Sosh is encrypted and free to try!

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Why Choose Sosh
Sosh was born from the need to make video events more life-like. Whether for a meetup, party, or a networking event, Sosh helps organizers host more natural video experiences. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person.
Sosh is secure and fully encrypted. No one outside the video call can listen to your conversations. The link to your gathering is unguessable.
Sosh is Secure!
Sosh is Simple!
Create a gathering from this page without any signup or download. Share the link to your gathering with your guests. The link is uniquely assigned to you and does not expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sosh different than Zoom and other apps?
With Zoom, people are stuck in one room or awkward breakout rooms. Sosh allows people to seamlessly hop between multiple chatrooms. In addition, you can preview a conversation in another room without leaving your current room. This allows you to interact with people just like you do at an in-person gathering.
Can I make an announcement to everyone in a gathering?
Yes, you can broadcast the audio and video in your room to all the other rooms in your gathering.
How secure is Sosh?
Video chat is private, fully-encrypted, and not stored. Each new gathering has a link that is unique, unguessable, and can be reused any time.
Does Sosh work on any device?
Sosh works best on computers. Tablets and smartphones are supported with limited features.
Can I create a private room in a Sosh gathering?
Yes! Locking a room makes it 100% private. Users outside of the room aren’t able to see the room name, preview the room, or join the room until it is unlocked. Anyone in a room can lock (or unlock) a room by clicking the lock symbol to the right of the room name. All rooms can be locked except for the Welcome room.
How many rooms can be created in a Sosh gathering?
A lot. We encourage you to try to max this out and tell us what happens here.
How many guests can fit into one room before the quality degrades?
Sosh is primarily designed as a way for groups to split up into different rooms. At this time a single room can comfortably handle 35 guests. But a gathering can handle thousands of people split across many rooms.